The Secret of Liquid Gold

LIQUID GOLD contains a carefully balanced mixture of both Micro and Macro nutrients. These nutrients are required to ensure proper cell growth and development. Quite often, the growing medium we use (such as our garden soil) does not have some or all the necessary nutrients required. As a result, things like pot plants and seedlings can often struggle to grow.

By applying LIQUID GOLD, you benefit your plant or seedling in three ways:

1. You give the plant a balanced mixture of the nutrients in needs.
2. Because it is a liquid, the root system can uptake the nutrients quickly - often within hours
3. By applying LIQUID GOLD regularly, you can match the growth of your plant with the natural environmental conditions - light, temperature, moisture.

LIQUID GOLD is a liquid feed suitable for a wide variety of growing plants and trees. In addition, by simply using 5 litres instead of 10 litres you can create a booster feed if required.

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