How To Use Liquid Gold

LIQUID GOLD has been designed to provide a range of micro and macro nutrients for your growing plants. One proven way to do this requires the use of two separate concentrate solutions which can then be mixed into water to form a complete feed.

The LIQUID GOLD sachet is in fact made up of two sachets which are joined together for your convenience. The Top sachet is solution A and the bottom sachet is solution B. An "A" in the top left hand corner indicates solution A and a "B" in the bottom right hand corner indicates solution B. A seal across the centre prevents the two solutions from mixing together.

To mix Liquid Gold simply:

1. First fill a container with 5 to 10 litres of water.
2. Cut/tear and empty sachet A (the top sachet) into the container of water.
3. Cut/tear and empty sachet B (the bottom sachet) into the container of water.
4. Stir the container of water gently for 3 seconds. The feed is ready for use.

Watch our instructional video (Coming Soon) showing you how easy it is to mix LIQUID GOLD.

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LIQUID GOLD requires very little mixing. Once mixed, LIQUID GOLD can be stored in an appropriate container for an indefinite period of time. Simply re-stir for 3 seconds before use.

The concentrate solution is not at all harmful to the skin. Should you spill or drip the concentrate solution simply wash off with water.

Apply LIQUID GOLD by pouring the mixed solution around the root zone. Be generous making sure the area is wet well - almost saturated. It is often good to water the area first. Liquid Gold can also be sprayed over the plant leaves for added benefit. Regular applications of LIQUID GOLD will provide best results.

The product is suitable for most types of plants. It is particularly suitable for indoor and outdoor pot plants, all seedlings, grasses and most trees.

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