Liquid Gold

Our product LIQUID GOLD is a commercial grade liquid fertilizer. It is manufactured by us here at Hill Nurseries Ltd, and has been developed by us over the last 20 years for use in the daily feeding and growing operations of our large scale seedling nursery.

Why Liquid Gold?

LIQUID GOLD provides all our growing seedlings with a well balanced, nutritious and immediately available soluble feed. All seedlings grown in the nursery rely solely on our liquid feed for the entire seedling growing cycle - from germination through to despatch as a fully hardened seedling.

Because we need specific control of the growth of our seedlings, at the nursery we use a completely sterile growing media with contains almost zero nutrients. To this we add LIQUID GOLD as the growing cycle requires. Being a liquid product, it is quickly taken up (within hours) by the roots and leaves of the growing plants. This allows us to control the growth of our seedlings on a daily basis, and results in the best possible product ready for our customers.

The Benefits of using Liquid Gold:

  • Faster nutrient uptake
  • Control of growth
  • Ease of application
  • A complete source of macro and micro nutrients required

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