Clive School


School/Group Clive School DOWNLOAD
Decile 7  
Students 226  
Project 2014 School Camp  
Scope 4 Week Campaign  
  Across Clive and district  
  5 sachets per student goal  
Preparation In-school Liquid Gold presentations  
  Letter to parents  
  School Newsletter  
  Letterbox drops  
Results $1800  
Majority of sales were in the first five days.  
  Well organised campaign contributed to success.  
  While campaign over-ran by 1 week, 80% of sales were in the first week.  
  Tying sales to individual student's camp sponsorship increased motivation.  
  Supportive local businesses increased sales through staff and customers.  
  Ongoing sales continue to support the school after the campaign.  
Conclusion A short campaign with focused goals and returns directly applied in correlation to the individuals efforts created a highly effective fundraiser.